I am a Multifaceted, intuitive and authentic 

Dominatrix based in


Welcome to my dimension...

My name is Mistress Rhianne, I am a professional Manchester Dominatrix with experience in a wide range of fetishes and domination practices. I am natural, authentic and incredibly perceptive.  I enjoy working with your fantasies, finding out what makes you tick and unravelling your senses and psyche. 

My multifaceted demeanour means I enjoy creating a personable experience for you. Each situation brings out more, or less of my compassionate, playful, sensual, comedic, sadistic, cruel, soft and unforgiving sides.  In a session with Me, you will become overwhelmed by My natural beauty, energy and mind.

What they say...

"The time I spent with Mistress Rhianne was amazing. She has a way of getting inside of your head, not with tricks or acting, but with a genuine warmth and understanding. Throughout the session I found myself wanting – needing – to please Her which is exactly how I hoped I would feel. "

"Perhaps the most important thing I noticed is that she is very, very real and nothing feels forced or artificial about her. This adds a layer of authenticity that allows the session to comfortably bridge between fantasy and reality."

"Once you have lite the fuse and told her your dreams, she will whisper in your ear then blow you apart at the seams, and make you explode with excruciating excitement. Your life and memories will be so much sweeter and like me, you will cherish the time spent in her presence. The gorgeous, indomitable Goddess Rhianne. 

"When I walked out the door I knew I had been hit by a very special feminine thunderbolt that was both sensual, sadistic and left electricity coursing through my veins...the one and only Mistress Rhianne."