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I am Mistress Rhianne, a young redhead Dominatrix based in Manchester, UK. A lover of BDSM and Fetish, with a deliciously deviant and intellectual mind. I am a very soft and personable mistress, with strict undertones, I can be cruel, sexy, comedic, sadistic and compassionate, each situation brings out more or less of those parts of me. My sessions are created to be unique and personable, and that blend intuition, spontaneity, desire and deviancy. In a session with Me, You will become overwhelmed by My natural beauty, energy and mind.


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"When I walked out the door I knew I had been hit by a very special feminine thunderbolt that was both sensual, sadistic and left electricity coursing through my veins...the one and only Mistress Rhianne."

"Perhaps the most important thing I noticed is that she is very, very real and nothing feels forced or artificial about her. This adds a layer of authenticity that allows the session to comfortably bridge between fantasy and reality."

"The time I spent with Mistress Rhianne was amazing. Not just the session itself, but our conversations before and after too. She has a way of getting inside of your head, not with tricks or acting, but with a genuine warmth and understanding. Throughout the session I found myself wanting – needing – to please Her which is exactly how I hoped I would feel. "

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