Book A Session 

Duration            Tribute 

1 HOUR                                £180 
1.5 HOURS                            £260
2 HOURS                             £320

3 hours                              £470

4 hours                              £640 

5 hours                              £770 

To book, either fill out the booking form provided below

or email Me

Your Email will be clear and concise and will include the following; 

  • Your Name 

  • Three preferred dates and times for the session, as well as the duration (my general availability is Monday-friday between 10:00-18:00, evenings and weekends depend on my availability and must be arranged with a minimum 24 hour notice).

  • Your Interests for the session

What happens next?

  • I will respond to your email/booking form submission

  • We will agree on a date and time 

  • You will then send me a deposit (via bank or amazon), to secure the session

  • I will respond with the address, my phone number and further instructions that you need to know

  • You will confirm your session in the morning as instructed

  • You will arrive clean and punctual and have the tribute ready in an envelope

  • I will ask if you're comfortable to start the session or if you prefer a brief chat prior 


Equitte Rules 

  • You may address me as Mistress, Miss, or Goddess, that is all. 'Babe', 'Hun', etc, will not be tolerated

  • I will not respond to enquiries that are either inappropriate or have not been completed to an acceptable standard

  • I will not engage with emails that contain Vulgar descriptions of your fantasies

  • Do not expect Me to relentlessly to-and-fro with you

  • Do not try to negotiate with me on my hard limits or rates

  • Do not insult yourself by asking for intimate worship, or sex. The answer will ALWAYS be no