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Website created by Mistress Rhianne

If you have read my website carefully and would like to contact me to book an appointment, please use the form below. This is my preferred method of contact and I endeavour to reply to enquiries within 24hrs of receiving them. 


Etiquette Rules

* You may address me as Mistress, Miss, or Goddess, that is all. 'Babe', 'Hun', etc, will not be tolerated.
* Be clear and concise if you know what you are looking for. I do not have time to relentlessly to-and-fro with you.
* Vulgar descriptions of your fantasies will not be tolerated.
* Do not try to negotiate with me on my hard limits or rates.
* Ensure that the question of any escorting activities such as oral or penetrative sex does not arise.



Should you wish to arrange an appointment by phone my contact number is - 07731165564 - Note that I do not answer withheld calls. Make sure your number is displayed before calling! If I don't answer straight away, which is common, then I will send a text message suggesting I am free to speak to if you call back. (If you don't want me to send you a text message off the back off a missed call - then fill out my form above)


If you are not clear and concise, then you will be referred back to my website and application form. 


Sameday Appointment

Sameday appointments are sometimes available, If you are enquiring about a same-day appointment, ensure you call me by 11.30am, if I do not answer, leave a text as I may already be in a session. 


I require a deposit to book your session. I prefer bank transfer (details are given once the application is successful). Alternatively, I can accept amazon voucher, you can buy them in most supermarkets and high street stores - send me the code once you have purchased. Or you can send it online here.