An Ode to the Ravishing Mistress Rhianne

A poem from a new slave.

'Oh Mistress Rhianne, my jaw hit the floor Admiring Your fishnets, as You opened the door Leading me upstairs and oh, what a view Did I bite off more than this new slave can chew?

Enchanted I'm sure, I'm left wanting more As I'm told to undress and get down on the floor In my rightful place, I await Your return My Goddess, My Mistress, whose praise I must earn

You instruct Your new slave to crawl to Your feet Sucking Your toes is an absolute treat Doing my utmost to please You, crouched down low Thank You for allowing me to worship You so

I am Your slave, always ready to serve So forgive me Mistress, if I relish Your curves Oh what a privilege, an absolute honour You're like an addiction, all my money a goner

Your words impale me as You enter my mind Then You turn around and present Your perfect behind "You may kiss it," You say, I could do this all day I'm under Your spell as You strut away

Precious time in Your presence felt only fleeting I'm left counting the days until O/our next meeting A mere pawn on the chess board and You are my Queen With the loveliest bottom that I've ever seen'

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