At my feet

What is it like to be at my feet? Elegant painted toes, generous arches and soft soles. Bare, covered by nylon stockings, or just freshly removed from trainers. My feet are a foot fetishists dream. I have had many 'get lost' in admiring my cute feet...

What I love about this kink especially, is the fact that every foot fetishists 'ideal' can be different. Some like sweaty odorous feet, having the privilege of pressing their face up against them and inhaling that goddess perfume. Others may want fresh feet and want to apply and massage oil or cream into them, appreciating their beauty. Some may want to be stood on by them, or kicked. And others may want to genuinely worship them, kissing and sucking, running their tongues between the toes. Some even may want to eat foods off of them, or watch them crush said foods, licking what is left on the feet.

I find Foot Worship intensely erotic and empowering, and is in fact one of my favourite fetishes! Feet carry us all day long, and they deserve attention and love. It's also no surprise that with so many adornments like painted toe nails, peep-toe shoes, stiletto heels, toe rings, that people are attracted and drawn to them. Feet can be just as sexual as any other body part!

Whatever your foot fetish entails, My feet will have you feeling gratified and sexually satisfied at the same time!

Mistress Rhianne 

Manchester Mistress and Dominatrix

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