Fantasy/Fetish Roleplay

I have recently done a few realistic Femdom Roleplay sessions, and I have fully enjoyed them.

The role an individual can take really is endless, and everyone’s fantasies are very different. I am an incredibly good listener who will be patient with you, understand you and be able to interpret and unravel that fantasy you have in your mind. It will no longer be a dark secret that has been locked away for many years.

I have listed a few ideas for Role-play based sessions below, if your fantasy isn’t listed you can still enquire, I am non-judgemental.

Head Mistress/Head Girl – Schoolboy/Girl- Where a school room scenario forms the foundation of the play. You are summoned to the office for misdemeanors. Punishment can include spanking, caning, or straps can be used with the male being a school boy or dressed as a school girl.

Doctor/Nurse- Patient – The Medic takes the dominant role and gives the patient an erotic examination whilst restrained in the gynecological chair. This could encompass internal anal examination, penis inspection, shaving, stretching, sounding, electro play. The patient could be forced into a female gender role or can stay as a male.

Female Prison Officer – Convict – You have been caught committing a crime, you are stood in front of officer Rhianne, what will your punishment be?

Female Boss/Manager – Male Employee – The Female brings her male employee in for an appraisal of his work after hours and decides he is slacking/making sexual advances to other female members of staff and threatens he is to lose his job or take a punishment. Punishment can involve pain activities, humiliation tasks, foot worship, or turned into a woman and used with a strap on. The list is endless!

Kidnap/Interrogation– A male is kidnapped from an arranged place by a dominant female/s and taken captive. Held in a dungeon or interrogated or used as a sexual toy/tortured/played with.

Mistress/Dominatrix – Slave- Where the slave is required to comply with all demands of the Mistress/Dominatrix. He is stripped naked collared and trained for her pleasures, whims and needs.

Maid Training/Slut Training – Where the male is fully dressed and shaped as a submissive female and trained as the dominant females maid/servant-having to undertake all menial and sexual tasks the dominant female enforces. The male is dressed as a slut and used as the dominant females bitch.

PE Teacher/Personal Trainer – One for forced exercise, sweaty foot worship & scissor hold lovers. Be smothered by your Personal Trainers feet after slacking in your exercise regime.

Tie and Tease – Dominant female seduces a male and puts him into a state of restraint and uses his body to tease and torment.

Do you have a fantasy Role-Play you want to act out? I'd love to hear about it.

Mistress Rhianne

Manchester Mistress and Dominatrix

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