My Love of Corporal Punishment

Since I started my journey as a Dominatrix, Corporal Punishment has always been an area of my profession that brings a smile to my face. I enjoy and indulge in anything from a simple over the knee sensual spanking, to a severe caning.

The benefits of Corporal Punishment can be vast, it can be a cathartic, relaxing, ritualistic, or an intense experience. I love the roleplay side to CP, being a strict disciplinarian, a headmistress, or a head girl, the scenarios are endless and I always thoroughly enjoy them.

Corporal Punishment can be as straightforward as a red bottom from being spanked with the hand. It doesn’t have to involve being beaten black and blue. It’s important to know every one of my sessions is tailored to individual levels of tolerance, which is usually assessed in person unless you are very experienced and know exactly how you will react, so you know exactly what your limits are. 

A common question I get asked with Corporal Punishment sessions is, ‘will I be marked’. How much someone will mark solely depends on their skin type. It is much less likely you will have visible marks after a warm-up of spanking and paddles, then if you had a cold caning with no warm up, cold canings always result in marks. 

There are a different variety of canes which will also deliver different sensations as well as the marking. It depends what they are made of and how thin or thick they are, for example, some may opt for a stingy/whippy cane or thuddy/heavy cane. 

So whether you enjoy a relaxing OTK spanking, an adventurous roleplay CP session, or a strict no-nonsense Disciplinarian to report to for a thrashing, come visit me in my Manchester Premises, where both School Room and Dungeon Rooms are available. 

Mistress Rhianne 

Manchester Mistress and Dominatrix

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