Sissification & Feminisation

Ever felt the urge to explore your feminine side? Silky pants rubbing against you? Sitting pretty in front of the dressing table, softly brushing your wig? Perhaps your mind has wandered into being made to worship in Mistress’s Strap-On.

Sissification or Feminisation is a sensual session. It involves the switching of gender role of a male submissive. The Sissification process ultimately involves Cross Dressing. Some just like wearing lingerie and heels, but others may want to go all the way. This may include wearing makeup, wigs, shaving or waxing, manicures and pedicures.

My Sissies are always expected to behave in a feminine manner. This involves good posture, being trained to walk properly in heels and being able to sit nicely. Although my sissies are expected to behave like a good girl, some of them have a very naughty and slutty side to them. Strap-On and Anal training are good to put these dirty girls in their place. If they misbehave they may be punished with some spanking!

For the sluts who have excelled in their Sissification, they may be made to do more humiliating things for Mistress. They may be made to swallow real cum, or even be used by another man! These boys allow themselves to be feminised because they know that it is their proper place in the world, and the only way that they could ever make me happy.

Of course, the Sissification process does not have to end there. Mistress has many ways of pushing you to even further extremes depending on your devotion as my slut…

So what are you waiting for, come and explore your fantasy with me!

Mistress Rhianne

Manchester Mistress and Dominatrix

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