The Art of a Ruined Orgasm

Ruined Orgasms are a particularly fun and satisfying way to engage in Tease and Denial and Orgasm Control. A Ruined Orgasm is where all stimulation is stopped just as ejaculation begins. This, of course, means no stroking or touching the penis. While edging involves stopping stimulation just before ejaculation, a ruined orgasm pushes it just that little bit further, not stopping until seconds before release. The result is that the orgasm will just dribble out. Much less intense and satisfying than a full orgasm, but very entertaining and pleasing for Me to watch and deliver. Timing is crucial when delivering a Ruined Orgasm, I will take you to the point of no return.

It can be a powerful tool for controlling a submissive, keeping him obedient and focused on his subservience. They can also be included in a variety of Femdom games or be combined with a sensual session of edging, not knowing when or if you are allowed a full orgasm, or whether I will ruin you a few times during a session.

After a ruined orgasm has been given, many men will remain hard and do not suffer the post orgasm ‘slump’ that occurs with a full orgasm. The slump I am referring to is when all interest and energy is lost after a full orgasm, instead, the feeling of arousal remains. This is because his brain does not release any of the hormones associated with the post-orgasmic afterglow. He will not experience the muscle contractions as a full orgasm would create, meaning he will feel incredibly frustrated.

There can be many ways to ‘Ruin’ an orgasm. Restricting the flow of cum, adding physical pain, or distraction methods. It can be followed by an Intense Milking or Post Orgasm Torture. Ruining doesn’t have to be painful though, but it will be frustrating.

Ruined Orgasms are a LOT of fun, as you will find out from my sardonic smile when I deliver one.

Mistress Rhianne

Manchester Mistress and Dominatrix

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