The enjoyment of Masochism and Humiliation

Generally speaking, as humans our instinct is to seek things that bring us pleasure and the absence of pain. Masochism is described in the urban dictionary as, 'the deriving of pleasure, or the tendency to derive pleasure, from being humiliated or mistreated, either by another or by oneself.' Socially we have been told to believe that the emotions caused by shame, pain and humiliation should be avoided for the sake of ones status and dignity.

Humiliation and Masochism can serve as a release from tensions which are caused by the constant need to maintain our identity. Masochism when exercised in a healthy manner, can be therapeutic. For men who crave to be humiliated by their Mistress, a woman who they desire and worship, is the ultimate destruction of their ego, and the experience becomes further intensified because it is often sexualised in a BDSM context.

Masochistic men are strong willed and intelligent, and they want someone better than them to dominate them, if the mistress is superior in every way, psychically and intellectually, they will feel inferior. When brought to subspace, they're compelled to submit, in awe of their beauty, energy and mind of the Mistress, They feel overpowered, overwhelmed and are brought into the moment, away from their cluttered minds. In there most vulnerable state, they are brought to their knees and focused on their mistress.

Life is sometimes a struggle between what we can and cannot control, the Masochist gives in and acknowledges the latter. When a masochist gives in to the will of another, he is relieved of control and feels a euphoric blankness that is free of worrying, free of planning, free of trying to learn and anticipate everything he needs to do. This is why masochists instinctively kneel, bow, and crawl; the physical posturing of the body reflects the psychological posturing of the soul that is ready to submit by abdicating control.

Humiliation and Masochism need not involve an act of aggression or coercion. People can be humiliated through more passive means such as being ignored or overlooked, taken for granted, or denied a certain righ