Trampling, in shiny stiletto's leather, or pvc boots. Below me, face down on the floor, waiting to become my rug to walk all over. The sheer act of me walking on your back indicates my superiority over you.

Are you brave enough to take the heels straight away, or do you need warming up first with my bare feet. Perhaps your cock and balls are deserving of feeling my feet creating an intense amount of pressure.

Before it's time for me to create some marks on you, I'll instruct you to worship my footwear, occasionally pressing the tip of the heel onto your body to remind you that you are going to suffer for me.

Towering above you in my heels, I'll start by pressing one foot onto your back, building up the intensity each time until the next foot is ready to follow, and I climb onto your back and you bare my heels at their strongest.

It's time for me to walk all over you....

Mistress Rhianne

Manchester Mistress and Dominatrix

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